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Day Trip Two - Coastal Cliffs & Sights

  • Chinamans Beach lookout.
  • Blue Holes Beach.
  • Jakes Famous surfing spot
  • Wittekarra Creek monument to the Batavia.
  • Red Bluff Lookout.
  • Mushroom Rock and Rainbow Valley.
  • Pot Alley, Eagle Gorge, Island Rock and Natural Bridge.

The Murchison river is the heartbeat of Kalbarri. It is broad, calm, yet alive and vital - and spectacular.

With a catchment area bigger than some Australian states, there is a majesty and mystery about the Murchison, whatever the season.

The Murchison River at Kalbarri is a water playground, you can swim and kayak, or hire paddleboats, canoes, dinghies and windsurfers on the river foreshore, venture out into the Indian Ocean join a fishing charter for the catch of a lifetime, to watch whales and their calves migrate along the coast and dolphins frolic in the bay, or throw in a line from the beach. At 8.45 am every morning there is the popular public pelican feeding on the foreshore opposite the Kalbarri Visitor Centre.

In Kalbarri National Park, 800 species of wildflowers burst into bloom from July to October in a riot of colour, while Kalbarri's spectacular river gorges are world renowned. There is a wide choice of walk trails. Red Bluff, Mushroom Rock, Rainbow Valley, Eagle Gorge, Island Rock Natural Bridge and the Shellhouse and Grandstand are all coastal cliffs to the south of Kalbarri. They each offer excellent scenery and features that are well sign-posted from the road.

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Kalbarri Weather
Possible shower.